The birth of Lennon Olivia – St. Joseph Hospital, Mission Viejo, CA

To say I was beyond thrilled to be invited in the room to photograph Lennon’s birth, would be an absolute understatement. I always say that my camera gets me into some pretty cool places, but to watch my niece be born was pretty special! Jamie was induced, the early morning of February 4th, 2017. I have seen plenty of births now, but man….she made it look easy! I have never witnessed a woman be absolutely dead asleep, be woke up and told she was 10 cm and it was time to push! That’s the way to do it, lol! After pushing for 3 contractions, Lennon made her grand entrance! (insert my waterworks here) ;) Welcome to the world beautiful Lennon Olivia, i’m so excited to be your aunt, and really, really excited to get to photograph you in the years to come. :)

They were so cute, taking videos of each other and asking some questions about her arrivalI got to hold her! Photocredit to Todd :)

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