Kelly and Alex’s wedding, Longshadow Ranch, Temecula CA

I was so excited for Kelly and Alex’s wedding, even though it was only the second time we met, we were totally friends going into this day. Funny story I just have to share here. Kelly and Alex live in Colorado, and she booked me for their wedding and engagement photos entirely online. Leading up to the engagement session, we communicated via email and planned out the details. They were flying to California for the weekend, so we set it up for Mount Baldy, which was close to her parents house. I was totally excited about this because i’ve never had the chance to work there before, and I was excited for the adventure. Little did I know exactly how it would go down, haha. Kelly and I decided I would meet her at her parents house that day, since going up Baldy there is limited cell service. In my mind, I assumed that I would meet them there and we would caravan the rest of the day. So I arrive at their house, about 5 minutes after stopping and stuffing my face with a burger from Carl’s, and of course leaving the trash in my car. You will see where this comes in shortly. I walk up to their door, and meet Alex, we chat for a few minutes while he tells me Kelly is still getting ready. When she comes out, this is where it gets a little fuzzy because I think I turned to complete panic mode. I think she said something along the lines of that they were riding with me. I’m sure my face was classic as the vision of inside my car flashed before my eyes. It was BAD, and when I say bad i’m not being one of those people who says that when there’s like 3 gum wrappers and 2 water bottles. This was like disgusting bad. Months worth of crushed gold fish under the booster seat, gum wrappers complete with gum stuck to them, inside them, and then stuck to the inside of the doors in the back seat. Water bottles, gatorade bottles, kids toys, trash, MY CHILD’S TOOTH FLOSSER from the morning in the door by his seat. Seriously, GROSS! SO, I was mortified. Figured they were like, seriously where did we find this girl? So from there, we got to drive the rest of the way up Baldy. Super easy drive up a mountain, 180 degree switchbacks, steep slow curves, sure no problem guys, I got this. Luckily they put up with my crazy, and my mess, and it ended up being a good time. If you can believe it, they actually had me back for their wedding. ;) That day will forever be a story I remember, thanks Kelly and Alex for the fun time, letting me capture a huge day in your lives, and being a memory for me along this photography journey of mine. :)

I think this was the coolest thing. Her grandparents went to a Chinese restaurant, I believe she said on their first date. This was the fortune in the cookie they opened. Her grandpa had it made into this piece later. So cool, check out that date! 

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