Kathy and Ben {Riverside, CA}

All week prior to their wedding day, the forecast for Kathy and Ben’s wedding was 100% rain. It wasn’t just 100% for an hour or two, it showed 100% pretty much ALL day long. They changed plans for their outdoor wedding, ordered a tent, and I hoped for the best for some non rainy pictures :) Then, the day before, it showed a forecast for a little clearing around their ceremony timeā€¦.I was relieved! I had hope! :) Sure enough, it rained in the morning, and the afternoon was amazing. Clouds that were just perfect when it came time to do pictures of the two of them! Through it all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a calm, relaxed, happy bride. Kathy and Ben, you two are amazing together! The happiness on your faces all day made my job so easy, I found myself with a smile on my face as I was editing, because you guys are just so darn adorable, and SERIOUSLY Ben, you rocked that garter removal, hilarious! :) <3 Thanks for letting me be part of your special day! 2015-07-05_00042015-07-05_00032015-07-05_00052015-07-05_00062015-07-05_00012015-07-05_00022015-07-05_00072015-07-05_00082015-07-05_00092015-07-05_00102015-07-05_00142015-07-05_00152015-07-05_00162015-07-05_00112015-07-05_00122015-07-05_00132015-07-05_00172015-07-05_00182015-07-05_00192015-07-05_00202015-07-05_00212015-07-05_00222015-07-05_00232015-07-05_00242015-07-05_00252015-07-05_00262015-07-05_00272015-07-05_00282015-07-05_00292015-07-05_00302015-07-05_00312015-07-05_00322015-07-05_00332015-07-05_0034

Second shooter: Sarah- Apple Rose Photography

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